Sharjah Art Foundation

ClientSharjah Art Foundation
LocationSharjah, UAE
ServiceWayfinding and Signage Design
Launched inMarch 2017

A delicate and raw wayfinding system at the heart of historical Sharjah.

Sharjah Art Foundation brings a broad range of contemporary art and cultural programmes to the communities of Sharjah, the UAE and the region. PenguinCube was commissioned to develop a wayfinding and signage masterplan for its permanent buildings, temporary events, and future expansion.

© Sharjah Art Foundation

Permanent signage is embedded into both heritage and contemporary buildings.

The result is a minimal, raw, and refined modular concrete system that is integrated within the city’s heritage and existing houses.

Modular movable elements are integrated in the environment when needed.

A pictogram family was created to compliment the simplicity of the elements.

We went through several trials to get the perfect result.

More weekend zen awaits inside @sharjahart #sharjahartfoundation #weekend

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