ClientAshkal Alwan Homeworks Academy
LocationBeirut, Lebanon
ServiceSpatial Design
Installed inNovember, 2011, updated regularly

Recipient of the SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Design) Global Design Honor Award 2012.

The loft.

The Ashkal Alwan Home Workspace is a scholarship-driven contemporary arts school and artist residency space. It is entirely funded by donations from organizations and individuals. The school wished to recognize these donors, and invite others to participate in this type of philanthropic donation.

A Donor Wall for a place of learning.

The brief required a “donor wall” to reflect the importance of ongoing donations, to represent the multi-layered complexity of the activity in the school, while taking into consideration the unassuming and raw character of the building.

Simple to make.

The wood blocks are 'books'.

Shelves are filling up in multi-colour.

Go see the shelves!