Hello! مرحباً

Makers, believers, storytellers.

We are fueled on teamwork, dedication and curiosity

From brand to installations, interactive projects and exhibitions, we strive to deliver experiences and are always ready for a challenge in any medium. Why?

Because design is not medium specific; so why should we be?

We aim to create positive impact and change through our projects by adopting a human centric approach and a committed work methodology to help big and small organizations grow and innovate.

صانعون، مثابرون وروائيون

العمل بروح الفريق والفضول هي حافزنا.

بدءًا ببناء علامات تجاريّة وصولاً إلى إنشاء مشاريع تفاعلية ومعارض, نسعى دوماً لتقديم أفضل التجارب و نبقى على استعداد دائم لتحديّاتٍ جديدة على كافة الأشكال والوسائل.

التصميم ليس له حدود في الشكل أو في الوسيلة، ونحن كذلك.

نحن نهدف إلى خلق تأثيرات وتغييرات إيجابيّة من خلال مشاريعنا التي تتبع منهجا يتمحور على سلوك المستخدم, و يرتكز على طريقة عمل تتكيّف وتلتزم في مساعدة المنظمات الكبيرة والصغيرة في النمو والإبتكار.

What we do

We thrive on challenges and stop at nothing for good ideas to see the light.

The below is by no means a comprehensive list of every service we offer. If you are in need of a creative service, let us know and we will make it happen.

Brand design

Working on giving a product, service or organization everything from its personality, tone of voice, and culture, to its logotype, typeface, colors and graphics is something we have loved to do for a very long time.

Web and mobile app design

Our team develops digital strategies and design for all online platforms from websites to mobile applications. We create effective and engaging experiences that offer the users a fluid and smooth experience across multiple desktop browsers and tablet and mobile devices.

Wayfinding and signage design

Being one of the few regional design firms that has developed this design capability, we have made it one of our niche services. From hotels, malls, and mixed use developments, to university campuses, our team designs and develops seamless user navigation experiences through wayfinding.

Spatial design

Spatial design includes designing retail spaces, installations, and exhibition pavilions. The combination of our core disciplines, makes spatial design, all the more interesting as our interventions become focal points for interaction between the built-up environment and the users experience of the space.

Product design

The research and development of products from high quality gifts to consumer goods to services. Our teams hands-on production experience and rapid prototyping techniques, results in a design process, that generates product designs that offer engaging, memorable, and functional experiences to users.

The team

PenguinCube is run by a group of 20 enterprising individuals from different backgrounds, all working together in a closely-knit team, taking on challenges, big and small for clients locally and regionally.

Operating in 5 cities

Founded in 2004, Beirut is the home of our headquarters and main design studio but you can also find us in Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, and Muscat.


PenguinCube’s work has been acknowledged over the past ten years by some of the most respected design organizations.

Our work has garnered awards from iF Design award, the RedDot Design award, the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) and the British Council. We have proudly been shortlisted and nominated to a number of other respectful prominent prizes by our peers.

The sharing and connecting we do

We are constantly involved in workshops and talks around the region, from topics such as the business of design to interface design techniques, to relevant brand strategies today. Our aim is to share with the experiences and capabilities we have developed in the communities we do business in.