The Flying Saucer

ClientSharjah Art Foundation
LocationSharjah, UAE
ServiceWayfinding and Signage Design
Completed in2020

An architectural landmark venue.

The Flying Saucer was inaugurated in 1978, as a one-stop-shop in Sharjah with a café and restaurant, newsstand, gift shop and drugstore. Though short-lived, the building later became a grocery store then fast food restaurant. It is an architectural landmark; the futuristic circular structure is capped with a dome and has a fully glazed façade with V-shaped leaning pillars, offering a panoramic interior. The building conjures many memories for generations who grew up in Sharjah.

© The Flying Saucer

As the space has recently transformed into a contemporary art space with a coworking space and café, PenguinCube was mandated with the design of the signage and wayfinding.

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