Sharjah: Gateway to the Trucial States

ClientManagement Office of Sharjah
LocationSharjah, UAE
ServiceWayfinding and Signage Design
Launched inSeptember 2018

8 sites nominated for World Heritage status.

The World Heritage nomination aims to bring consistency and aesthetic appeal to the sites comprising “Sharjah: Gateway to the Trucial States”, capturing the attention of residents and visitors, and directing them to the attributes of the nomination.

@SGTS Historic Town of Sharjah
@SGTS Al Hisn Museum
@SGTS Al Mirgab Camp
@SGTS Al Mahatta Airport Museum
@SGTS Al Dhaid Fort and Oasis
@SGTS Khorfakkan Fort Archaeological Site
@SGTS Historic Village in Wadi Al Helo
@SGTS Fili Forts

Each site has its own particularities for an adaptive system. Enter podiums.

The immersive structures link the 8 sites not only in the content they provide but also aesthetically. Their volumes and circulation are inspired and abstracted from the typologies and experience of the sites they represent. All the podiums feature a platform with its shape inspired from the typology, panels which have their location aid in demarcating the users’ circulation and presenting the typology, and a groove in the flooring which demarcating the path or circulation that users should follow.

Markers were used to identify important aspects of the sites. They were designed to respond to each of the sites' needs and constrictions in form.

Arrow signs were necessary in rural areas to discover the site.

Maps, maps, and more maps.

In the process.

From mockups to installation.

Finishing touches.

See the project in person!

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