Jubail Island

ClientDLR Group
LocationAbu Dhabi, UAE
ServiceWayfinding Design
Completed in2021

The Island is a low-impact, low-density settlement.

Nestled between Yas Island and Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi lies Jubail Island. Unique in its approach to community living, the Island is a low-impact, low-density settlement with distinct villages seamlessly woven across natural landscapes and marine waterways to create a natural, invigorating, serene living environment.

The wayfinding design approach reflects the core values of the development: nature preservation and sustainability. This meant sensitivity in the use of materials and considerations for sign placement to avoid visual pollution. Challenging the norms of traditional “standardized” signage design, and our emphasis on contextual design across the Jubail Island, inspired the development of a kit of parts that adapts from one asset to another across the Island while retaining a common visual language.

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