ClientQatar Foundation
LocationDoha, Qatar
ServiceProduct Design
Installed inOctober, 2013

Student residences built for sustainability

A 1200 residence facility for Qatar foundation was being inaugurated, and the student affairs team wanted to gift students moving into the facility a gift, but not any gift. They wanted an object made from the waste generated from the construction of the building, in order to install a sense of sustainability and to raise awareness on how things we perceive as waste and be repurposed and reused.

© Qatar Foundation

Furniture made from construction waste.

Designed to serve as a commemorative gift for every student that moves into the university housing. Its aim is to create a memorable welcoming experience, inject a sense of community and belonging and communicate recycling values, and sustainability awareness.

Simple design, the 'Cartwheel' allows for flexibility for use.

Simple to make.

Every 'Cartwheel' is unique.

A unique number, identical to the number of the residence.

'Cartwheel's' in use.

One in each of the 12000 rooms will be re-used by future generations of students that move into the complex as years go by.