Sport Society

ClientLeaders Sports Trading
LocationDubai, UAE
ServiceBrand Design / Wayfinding and Signage
Launched in Early 2018

Set for 2020: A new home for sport enthusiasts.

Sports Society is a game changer. It’s where you belong when you move, refuel, shop and cheer.
This unique project is The World’s Premiere Sport Destination. Our team developed the positioning, name, visual identity, and wayfinding for this anti-mall retail destination.

@Viva City
@Viva City

The emblem is the core of the brand, which is used to show the various activities that can be done at Sport Society.

Different compositions of sports courts were used in the brand identity.

A dynamic, strong, and vibrant identity created flexibility to adapt across brand applications.

Extensive range of brand applications.

Including apparel and merchandise.

Sport Society location.


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