King Abdul Aziz Road

LocationMakkah, Saudi Arabia
ServiceWayfinding and Signage Design
Completed in2018

A large scale wayfinding and media master plan strategy of an iconic development.

A 3oo+ page submission document encompasses an integrated set of guidelines and recommendations that aim to enhance the overall experience of visitors to the KAAR development and assist in providing excellent and cohesive wayfinding and media that compliments the project master plan.

Our work contained recommendations on how to interface with various components.

A wayfinding strategy is necessary to coordinate and guide choices related to signage, public realm features, and landscape design.

A visual based concept approach was developed to tackle literacy and language barriers.

Based on our study of literacy and language of users, we found that the use of text comes with the use of many languages which could create a barrier for wayfinding needs, as it does not account for the language of all users of the space.

Working with the axiality and linearity of the site, the strategy developed depends heavily on the form of urban design and architecture. This strong linearity towards Masjid Masjid Al Haram is outlined once again in the wayfinding signage. The synergy between the form of the signage and the form of the project enables the users to grasp the project and hence situate themselves in the site. They are now able to estimate how far or close their destinations are visually, without an overload of information information.

The integration matrix is integral to highlight how the strategy connects and applies to all the different components of the project.

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