Process Makes Perfect.

Committed to Investing in Research.

More than 10% of our collective resource time is dedicated to research initiatives. Initiatives ranging from typeface preservation to understanding the future of consumer goods; studying trends in user interface design and packaging, our research work impacts our approach and outlook.

What is a product?

Things are all around us.

Our product design experiments help us better understand user behaviour and actions.

An ongoing project for over 10 years, we develop objects that question the product. From products that disappear after you use them; to ones that only reveal themselves after a year.

Codenamed ‘Pi’, this research has provided us with perspective over the years of how changes in tech have impacted the desire to interact with a physical product.

The Question of Type.

Can’t live without type.

Our typeface experiments and archival projects inform our understanding of Arabic type and culture.

Two projects have been contributed to this area. The first, StereoTypo, is a typeface of icons, depicting a social commentary of stereotypes in Arab Media. The second, LetterPressArabic, is an archival project of a standard Letterpress type.

Talk With the Community.

Share the Knowledge.

Our countless engagements with students and professionals bring to light a vast array of challenges in the design industry. 

The talks and workshops we have conducted touch upon topics ranging from the complexities of running a design business; to the future of packaging.

The Future of Consumer Goods.

Hot off the Shelves.

Our key focus area over the last 2 years is to understand how consumer goods can adapt to the shift from traditional retailing to e-commerce.

How will brands cope and adapt to multi-channel, multi-market retailing? Our research has led us to develop and retail our own brands, and use actual market data to inform our design.